Winch Handle Pockets

A number of years past, I recognized the need for classic, conventional winch handle pockets which are aesthetically pleasing. The white ones which are plastic are simply not suitable for lovely classic yachts and modern classics.

Therefore, I devised a first-class winch handle pocket created from leather and veneer composite. Designed to be mounted on an exterior bulkhead . I also created a winch handle pocket shaped like a cone, which can attach to a dorade hoop or stanchion. I have formed custom ones as well for other mounting situations.

The two models can house a locking winch handle of 8” or 10”. The images are self-explanatory. Don’t you think your yacht merits a classy winch pocket?

A number of noted sailing yachts have my winch pockets including, America’s Cup J Class Endeavor of 1934, Sumurun, Fife of 1914, Belle Aventure, Fife of 1929 and most current, Elfje created by Royal Huisman.

Prices are  in $CAD